InterGalactic Travel

Why Intergalactic Travel is so Difficult

Intergalactic Union

Intergalactic travel by means of our current way of traveling in space will simply not work. Existing in a three dimensional system presents great problems when it comes to traveling such huge distances. When you consider the fact that the Universe is infinite. It has no beginning or end, space or time wise. Both of which are three dimensional illusions.

One problem is whats called “time dilation”. If we could travel close to the speed of light, which we would have to do but can't, we could traverse the visible universe in a lifetime. But, anyone or anything you left behind would vanish in the history of time.

Another problem would be thefuel needed to propel such a space craft. There is no way to fuel such a craft. As we increased in speed we would need an ever greater fuel supply to continue accelerating. As we approached the speed of light, our need for fuel would come closer to infinity as more and more energy applied would contribute to an increase of the mass of the space craft and less and less would contribute to the speed of the space craft.

Energy and mass under the right conditions are interchangeable. One of these conditions is when you begin to approach the speed of light. As you approach the speed of light, the energy you apply to accelerate the space craft begins to also increase the mass of the space craft. The closer you get to the speed of light the more the energy you apply to accelerate the craft is converted to the mass of the craft rather than the speed of the craft until all the energy is only converted to mass.

Thereby never allowing an object of mass to ever reach the speed of light.

The Only Way to Conduct Intergalactic Travel

The best way of traversing the Universe is virtually. Our whole existence right now is virtual. Inside our brain there is no light, sound, or anything else that could be considered direct contact. Our view of the world is made up of electrical impulses, outputted from our senses, in which our brain converts into this beautiful world that we think we live in. It's all a lie. There is no blue sky, and sugar is not sweet. Our brain takes it upon itself to create colors, smells, taste, and all the other things we enjoy in life. So in fact we live right now in a pseudo virtual reality because most of what we experience is not real but rather made up by the brain.

The only way to travel the Universe is by utilizing virtual reality and a form of entanglement only available to those in, what we could call, spirit form. That way we are not limited to the three dimensions we are limited to now.

What are Super Brains

Members of the Intergalactic Union utilize, what they call, super brains. These are huge biological brains that are scattered about the Universe. Some of these brains are larger than galaxies.

The reason for the super brains is that the spirit, for lack of a better word, cannot connect to anything but a biological brain much like the brain in your head. It must be biological not mechanical or it just doesn't work.

Spirits Do Exist

What is the spirit? The spirit is the you in you. The one that feels the pain when you stub your toe. Without the brain the spirit is still you but it is void of all awareness of ones self. It has no drive, feelings, emotions, it is kind of like a rock, except a rock is made up of matter, a spirit is made up of absolutely nothing, well nothing we could ever fathom in our present condition. This is why the spirit has remained undetectable.

But connect this spirit to a brain and it comes alive. The spirit has very little control over the mind and body, it's just along for the ride. For good or bad, the spirit becomes what it has attached itself to. And the Universe is full of spirits, an infinitesimal number of spirits exist in the Universe.

Biological life on earth meets the conditions for allowing these spirit forms to piggyback the brains of these life forms, creating an awareness for the spirits. Albeit, an awareness as complex as the particular brain is capable of providing. An ant or rabbit, for example, will not be pondering the creation of the Universe.

The spirit is everlasting, it has no beginning or end, unlike lifeforms. The father(past), the son(present), and the holy spirit(the everlasting).

Sounds far fetched right? Not when you consider, the Universe has been here forever. A lot can be accomplished in a forever amount of time.

Traversing the Universe Via virtualization

A spirit, once connected to an Intergalactic Union's super brain, is able to explore the Universe virtually in its entirety in an instance via a form of entanglement not available in a three dimensional Universe. This is why you will never find an extraterrestrial on earth. They are here, and they can see and interact with you but you are totally unaware of this.

In the realm in which these spirits exist there is no time or space(distance). The same way your mind creates your virtual reality so does the super brain create a virtual reality for these spirits.

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